About Us



We love selling jewelry and adding beauty to peoples lives.

We are passionate about raising cancer awareness and supporting research to "Find a Cure"

We have put together a collection of fun and favorite jewelry, colorful handbags, Sea Shades Sunglasses & other unique treasures at prices making it hard to resist.


We are located in downtown Vero Beach in the Historic Theatre & Puerto Arcade. We share a charming boutique with The Parisian Hostess in the historic hallway between Barefoot Cafe and Tea & Chi. Just look for the Eiffel Tower. 

Our mission is to keep the legacy of  Kate  Schwikert  Waidmann  alive, to bring hope and beauty to those battling illness and to let them know that "Cancer does not mean Game Over, it means Game On!

 At least 10% of all of our proceeds go towards appendix cancer research.